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Saturday 07th of November 2009
May 16, 2005    

UK considers new Road Tax changes

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by Brian Turner
UK considers new Road Tax changes

The UK is considering replacing its road tax with a system that would charge motorists for each car trip they take.

The Labour party will introduce legislation early in the next parliament but the Liberal Democrats are also said to support the move and the Tories have dropped their opposition to the idea.

It is considered essential to have broad support for such a fundamental change, especially in view of past reluctance to offend the motorist’s lobby.

Even though such a system of road pricing could not be fully implemented before 2014, it is believed that a decision must be taken on whether to change the current system within the next two or three years to allow time for trial programs in which drivers would receive tax rebates in exchange for paying a per-journey fee.

Much of the support for a per-journey system comes from the perceived need to do something to lessen increasing traffic congestion.

A similar system has been talked about in California, in the United States, although no conclusions
have been reached there.

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