India to allow foreign newspaper printing

| June 17, 2005 | 0 Comments
India to allow foreign newspaper printing

The Indian cabinet paved the way on Thursday for foreign newspapers to print editions in India.

The decision is almost certain to be approved by parliament and will make China the last large nation to ban the printing of foreign publications in their country.

The decision came after the International Herald Tribune, based in Paris, set up a printing operation in Hyderabad last year and refused orders to stop printing.

M. J. Akbar, the local publisher of the IHT in India, said that the Indian constitution guarantees freedom of expression and that the ban on the printing of foreign publications, which was decreed in a resolution by Jawaharlal Nehru’s cabinet in 1955, was not legal.

The new decision will end the necessity for foreign publications to be flown into Indian from neighboring countries, a practice that not only means that they are often out of date by the time they arrive but makes them very expensive.

India’s information minister said that editions printed in India must be the same edition as those published in other countries, not Indian editions that will compete with local publications for advertising and readers.

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