US fills more of fewer jobs

US fills more of fewer jobs

According to the US Department of Labor on Tuesday, there were fewer job openings in the United States in May but more jobs were filled.

Openings were up in the leisure/hospitality sector as summer drew near, but they were down in construction, manufacturing, government, and education/health services, among other sectors.

Job openings fell by 3.1 percent in May to 3.465 million, from the 2.576 jobs that opened in April.

Meanwhile, hirings were up 3.7 percent in May, to 4.798 million. They had been at 4.538 in April.

Trade/transportation/utilities hirings fell in May, as did hirings in the education/health sector, but they were up in construction, manufacturing, professional/business services, leisure/hospitality, and government.

Some of the drop in job openings in May came on a drop of 3 percent in separations – voluntary resignations and retirements as well as firings.

There were 4.425 million separations in May, after 4.562 million in April. Only the leisure/hospitality sector had an increase in separations in May.

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