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09th of August 2011
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Bad Credit Loans Aren’t Always A Good Idea

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by Kathyrn Lang

It is possible to get a loan even with a bad credit rating, but is it the best idea?

Bad credit loans have a higher interest rate, higher penalties, and cost more in the end than traditional loans. Before choosing to go down the road of a bad credit loan, take evaluate the circumstances surrounding the need.

1) Will the bad credit loan be a bandaid to bad budgeting and spending habits? Borrowing without learning how to manage spending first will just lead to deeper financial holes in the long run.

2) Is the loan from a financial institution the only way that money can be found? If there is a sincere need, often family or friends can be counted help out. There is always another job to take, more hours to work, or some hidden treasure that can be sold. Exhaust every means of getting money before resorting to a bad credit loan.

3) Is the loan for something that is an emergency or necessity? Today the going term seems to be “I want it now.” Waiting can make the getting more enjoyable. Save the money to go on vacation, by the new television, or get a new car. It may be that after a few weeks of waiting, the must have item is not so must have after all.

4) Will the loan be used to consolidate other debts and result in lower overall monthly payments? This is the magic question. If the answer is yes then it is likely that even a bad credit loan is the better way to go. Don’t rush it, though. Be clear with lenders about your credit history up front. Shop around for a lender that feels comfortable, has easy to understand rates, and is offering the best interest rate available. Local lenders may be willing to lower the interest rate if there is a reasonable amount of collateral available of if there is someone to cosign the loan.

For the most part, getting a bad credit loan is just a bad idea. But there is always an exception to every rule. Use these guidelines to help decide which course of action is the best one to take.

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News posted: January 30, 2007

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  1. bad credit loans are deffinitely not a good idea, I can speak out of personal experience!

    Comment by Jim — August 1, 2007 @ 12:25 pm

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