Car Insurance Companies Aim to Lower Premiums

| February 13, 2007 | 0 Comments
Car Insurance Companies Aim to Lower Premiums

Low premium insurance companies are on the rise. Companies like Admiral Car Insurance are specializing in niche markets. This gives them the ability to cut costs in a variety of areas, and it allows the companies to pass these savings on to the consumer.

Admiral Car Insurance was unique to the market when it launched in 1993. Although it wrote policies for all types of car insurance, it targeted the higher risk drivers (like younger drivers and those drivers with performance vehicles). Traditionally these consumers were forced to pay higher rates. Admiral Car Insurance, and many other niche insurance companies that are in the market, are setting about to change the status quo.

The internet has seen the rise of many of these lower rate insurance companies. The technology gives companies the opportunities to cut out the traditionally cost prohibitive steps of acquiring car insurance. There is no need for a middleman, extra forms, or even multiple onsite facilities. The process is much more simple and easier for consumers to understand – and it is all right at the touch of a button.

The lower premiums do not automatically mean lower quality in the services that are provided. Consumers will be pleasantly surprised to find that these policies offer the same benefits as other car insurance policies. Admiral Car Insurance offers policy holders benefits that range from courtesy cars when repairs are needed because of an accident to free windscreen cover repair and replacement.

Most of these car insurance companies not only offer great rates to begin with, but they also offer opportunities to lower the rates even further. There are discounts available to consumers who insure multiple vehicles, have a period of time where there are no claims filed, and even a discount for students that have good grades.

Admiral Insurance Company is just one of many insurance companies that are finding creative ways to decrease premiums for consumers while maintaining the quality of service.

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