Choosing Car Breakdown Coverage

Choosing Car Breakdown Coverage

There is nothing worse than finding yourself stranded in the middle of no where with a broken down car. Apparently insurance providers have been in the same position at one time or another. Many companies now offer car breakdown coverage for just such occasions.

The type of coverage often varies from company to company – and even within the same company depending on the policy. There are several traditional levels that consumers should consider when preparing to purchase car breakdown coverage.

The normal coverage is also the most basic. In the event that you car does breakdown while you are on the road, a quick call will usher in help. A repair service will come to the site where your car is located and if they can not repair the car on site then they will tow you to either the garage or your home – usually which ever is nearest – within in a certain set radius.

In the next level of coverage, convenience is important. You receive the same services as any normal coverage, but in the even the car can not be repaired then the service will transport the car, the passengers (usually up to a certain number), and you to either your home or any single mainland destination.

It is also possible to get additional coverage that will bring the repair service directly to your home in the event that a breakdown occurs before you leave your property.

If this is not enough protection and guarantee against a car breakdown, there is another step up in the breakdown insurance policies. This level of coverage will not only give you repair service and a much needed ride, but it will also provide you with a replacement vehicle. The comprehensive car breakdown coverage even goes so far as to offer over night accommodations or even onward travel arrangements when local repair is not possible in a reasonable amount of time.

The older a vehicle gets, the more likely a consumer should consider car breakdown coverage. It is important to weigh the yearly premium costs against the potential benefits to find the coverage that is right for you.

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    EasyCare has been offering this type of coverage for over 28 years

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