Highest house prices are in Chelsea

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Highest house prices are in Chelsea

A survey from Mouseprice.com and based on Land Registry statistics on house prices shows that the most expensive houses in England and Wales are located on Kensington Square in west London. The price of a house there averages £5.5 million, according to the study. Most of the top 20 streets on a list of the most expensive places to buy a house are, in fact, in the Kensington and Chelsea area of London.

The highest average price not in that area is at Carlton Gardens in the City of Westminster, at an average of nearly £4.4 million. Other areas with streets making the top 20 are Barnet, with two mentions, and Camden. The Camden street making the list, Chester Terrace, has an average house price of almost £3.5 million.

A spokesperson for Mouseprice.com said that the most expensive streets in southern England surpassed the most expensive streets elsewhere in England and Wales by two or three times. Outside southern England, most of the most expensive streets have house prices on average between £1 million and £2 million. Whitbarn Road in Alderly Edge in North West England, for example, had an average house prices of £1.9 million.

In the South West the most expensive street is Western Avenue, in Poole, at an average of £1.5 million per house, while in the North East the most expensive street is Gubeon Wood in Tranwell Woods with an average house price of £1.1 million. In Wales the most expensive street, according to the survey, is Cefn Coed Road in Cardiff, with an average home costing £698,000.

According to the study, the spokesperson said, although the lowest average house prices are in the North East and in Wales, prices in those areas have increased much more than prices have in London and the South East.

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