Investing Is Making Me Dizzy

I recently read an article about investing in gold. Ita��s just beyond my ability to fathom. What do you do with a great big old gold bar any way?

For me, investments are a bit of a mystery. I tried mutual funds. I sat down with the investment office expert. I asked questions, and I thought I understood what she was saying and what I was signing up to do. In the end, I found the fees and taxes and everything else involved in the account really cut into my profit margin. I think it did anyway.

Ia��ve tried retirement accounts. I had two meetings with that office expert. I initial signed on the bottom line, but closed the account in a few months. I didna��t understand the jargon. I didna��t understand the literature that the account sent me every quarter. I didna��t feel comfortable leaving my money in a place that confused me.

There were some life insurance policies that we had for a couple of years a�� even earned a little on those. But I couldna��t tell you how those worked any better than my other investment fiascos.

I cana��t give up a�� although every fiber in my being screams a�?run away.a�?

Last night, my ten year old son said he was thinking about starting to invest. When we asked him what he was looking at investing in, he said, a�?I think Ia��ll invest in Huddle House. They always seem to be doing a good business.a�?

I wish it were that simple. Then again, maybe it is that simple. I dona��t know enough about the investment industry to say.

So Ia��m going to do the only thing that a mom can in a situation like this. Ia��m going back to school. I found an online course on investing, and Ia��m going to follow it through. I might even let the ten year old participate.

It may be that in my learning and teaching, Ia��m raising up the next Donald Trump or Bill Gates.

With the interest of a child, Ia��m setting out on an adventure in investing that just may lead to a secure financial future for my whole family.

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