Abbey branch may receive a visit from Bailiffs


One of Abbey’s Manchester branches is hitting the headlines as they have failed to repay £2,769 to a customer who sued the bank for overdraft fees at Manchester County court in June.

Abbey has thus far ignored the court order so a visit from the bailiffs could take place next week if Abbey doesn’t repay the customer.

As a rule, banks have not been present in court to defend themselves but in this case, the judge deemed the bank’s behaviour unreasonable as Abbey failed to offer a defence.

Earlier this year, Halifax received a visit from the bailiffs following their failure to respond to a court order. In addition, there have been reports of banks contesting claims and then settling on the day of the court hearing or just before.

It is anticipated that reclaimed overdraft charges could run into tens of thousands of pounds as a number of customers have written to their banks on the grounds that charges are unreasonably high.

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