New offer from More Than home insurance


Data from Endsleigh Insurance has established that the average cost of a UK student’s belongings is A?4,000. With this in mind, More Than will make 15% of a policy available to the holders’ children at no extra fee and provide 24-hour legal helpline.

Endsleigh Insurance discovered that students take for granted that they are covered by their parent’s content insurance, when in reality they may have only limited cover or no cover at all.

A spokesperson for More Than highlighted that parents have a lot to consider when their child goes to university. Their studentsa�� possessions cover means that parents can have peace of mind that their children’s valuable belongings are properly covered. The legal helpline is also available should parents need help when dealing with sorting out leases or disagreements with landlords.

Students have a lot of unsecured possessions and are considered more vulnerable to theft. In addition, they are regularly away from home for long periods making their possessions even more vulnerable.

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