Internet gambling plunging people into debt

| August 16, 2007 | 1 Comment

Online Gambling is becoming an increasingly popular form of gambling and there are now an estimated 1,700 gambling websites on the Internet.

However, whilst many people gamble online without any problems GamCare has started to see an increase in the amount of people contacting their helpline and counselling services who are losing control of their gambling online.

In addition, the Insolvency Service has seen a huge increase in debt caused by gambling. A spokesperson commented that the growth in online gambling is adding to this rise in debt advice. People can pay online with their credit or debit cards, they can generate as much debt as their card will allow them to.

The Gambling Commission, a government watchdog, recently established that nearly 9% of adults participated in remote gambling on a monthly basis during the 12 months to June 2007.

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  1. mr hodges says:

    just a suggestion but wouldnt it be a good idea in this present climate that online gaming sites are only able to except debit cards and not credit cards that way people will only beable to use what they have in accounts and not run up huge credit card bills. for the past 12 months iv been reading the online chat in these sites and people are running up credit card debts throwing good money chasing that jackpot win. i do understand that people have the right to spend there money as they please but until the credit card is paid it wasnt there money.

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