20% of Britons obsessed with saving money

| September 11, 2007 | 0 Comments

With debt becoming a daily topic in the UK and research from Alliance & Leicester claiming that money worries are a daily concern for 18% of Britons, it now appears that one fifth of UK savers are addicted to saving with nearly 60% admitting they would rather save money than go on holiday, attend social engagements or buy a new outfit.

The research from National Savings and Investments (NS&I) has also established that 10% do not buy gifts and 8% do not buy a round of drinks so they can keep topping up their savings accounts.

A spokesperson from NS&I commented that it is encouraging to see that over 50% of savers put away a small amount on a regular basis. NS&I added that even a small amount can be rewarding and savers should look at ways they can cut back on spending to make savings sustainable.

The amount of people who save on a monthly basis has increased from 46% to 48% and the average amount saved each month across the population has also increased from £77 to £81.

Finally, over a third of savers are anxious if they haven’t saved as much as they intended to and almost 50% are worried about wasting money and overspending.

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