Payment advice re postal strike

| October 5, 2007

The UK payments association, APACS, is advising people to be aware of the postal strikes over the next few days as important post may be delayed and could affect finances.

For example, be aware of when your credit card bill is due, if it is late, you shouldn’t assume that payment isn’t due within the normal timescale. Speaking with your credit card company will put your mind at rest and they can advise you of suitable payment options, such as phone or online payments which aren’t affected by the postal strikes said a spokesperson for APACS.

Small businesses should allow for cheques they are expecting to be late. Furthermore, customers concerned that an important bill or invoice has been delayed should check with their supplier about timescales, looking at your last bill may give you an idea.

APACS advising keeping a note of when credit card statements are due or other regular bills. If you have already sent a cheque to pay a bill and are worried about it being delayed, speak to the company, APACS suggest paying online or by phone.

In case of future strikes, consider setting up a direct debit to pay at least the minimum payment on your credit card bill.

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