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New credit card comparison service launched

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by Kay Mitchell

A new comparison tool from independent online finance portal, Fair Investment Company, has launched a service that allows consumers to compare over 220 credit cards from around 60 providers using more than 15 different search categories.

The search categories include 0% balance transfer deals and interest free purchase cards, cash back and prepay cards and deals for people with a poor credit rating. People can find a credit card that suits their own personal financial requirements and status.

Furthermore, the search facility gives the option to narrow their search so that the online tool just shows cards that offer particular features such as airmiles and reward schemes.

A spokesperson for Fair Investment Company thinks the new comparison service is going to be very popular. People don’t just want a credit card, they have specific requirements about what they want from a credit card.

The spokesperson added that some individuals opt for a credit card that offers cashback or reward schemes while some want a credit card that supports their football team.

Fair Investment concluded that their new online comparison tool will help a consumer perform a quick search that allows them to acquire everything they want from a credit card.

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News posted: October 11, 2007

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