Increase in superbugs result in more enquiries for private medical insurance


Research from Fair Investment Company said enquiries for private medical insurance more than doubled in September compared with the August following an increase in hospital superbugs and long waiting lists on the NHS.

The group added that some people are even looking overseas for treatment as a more time and cost effective option.

The research established that 53% more people were interested in obtaining private healthcare in September compared with August. In terms of the proportion of total enquiries received on the companya��s website, Septembera��s figure was 37.5% higher than in August.

James Caldwell of Fair Investment Company said the press is full of reports of infection spreading in hospitals, consequently an increasing amount of people feel that private healthcare is the only feasible option.

At least 70,000 Britons are expected to travel overseas in search of medical care this year. India is at the top of the list of popular destinations for surgery. Furthermore, many people are also travelling abroad for dental treatment as a consequence of the current shortage of dentists in the UK.

Treatment Abroad were not shocked by the figures, their reports show that Britons have used 112 foreign hospitals, based in 48 countries for treatment. It highlights that patients can also combine treatment with a holiday as well as the benefits of shorter waiting lists and cheaper treatment.

However, Treatment Abroad point out that this method may appeal to some but if you are looking for private healthcare, cheapest is not necessarily the best.

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