Young Marmalade targets young driver safety

| December 3, 2007 | 0 Comments

Young Marmalade, which provides car insurance for young drivers, has highlighted how spending a little more money on a safer car for a young driver can not only cut the risk of accidents, but also reduce insurance premiums.

The company has highlighted that cheaper cars may be more cost-effective in the short-term, but can be much more prone to accidents in the long term.

For example:

- Misted up windows due to inefficient heater
- Poor headlight performance due to alternator wear
- Heavy steering due to lack of power assistance and lack of checks on tyre pressure
- Reduced brake performance

are all highlighted as issues that can make a driver much more likely to have an accident, especially in adverse road conditions such as at night, in rain, fog, or in the face of similar hazards.

Young Marmalade have therefore come up with a plan that reduces car insurance premiums, if linked to the purchase of a better quality car, on the presumption that such a vehicle is likely to be safer to use and less likely to be the cause of a claim.

The move comes as insurance companies are stepping up action against Fronting, a process where a young driver’s car is insured in a parent’s name to reduce premium.

Not only is this illegal, according to the Financial Ombudsman Service it also results in around 1,000 insurance claims each year being rejected outright.

While young drivers may be especially vulnerable to hazards due to lack of driving experience, the suggestion of ensuring driver safety and reducing car insurance premiums at the same time is an innovative move that is sure to be welcomed.

Young Marmalade appear confident that the scheme is working - of the first 600 policy holders, barely a handful have had to make any kind of claim at all.

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