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Asda teams up with The Children’s Mutual

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by Kay Mitchell
Asda teams up with The Children's Mutual

Supermarket giant Asda has announced an association with The Children’s Mutual in a bid to encourage customers to invest in their children’s future.

Asda’s latest savings product, the new ASDA Child Trust Fund (CTF) will be available to customers in-store, over the phone & online.

Parents will receive an added incentive of a £5 Asda gift voucher for opening the account or a £25 Asda gift voucher if they set up a monthly Direct Debit contribution of £10 or more.

Commenting on the new product, Gev Lynott, Asda’s Financial Services Director, said the scheme allows both family & friends to pay into the account on a regular basis, either by regular Direct Debit or through one-off payments throughout the year or on special occasions like Christmas & birthdays.

With millions of families shopping & placing their trust in ASDA every week, it is the ideal home for their children’s Child Trust Fund voucher. We’re even providing them with the added incentive of £25 in gift vouchers if they are regular savers so there really has never been a better time to invest in a CTF with ASDA, added Mr Lynott.

Chief Executive of The Children’s Mutual, David White, said this partnership will make CTFs accessible to more parents via the ASDA store network encouraging more parents to save for their children’s futures.

The Children’s Mutual is the country’s only specialist in this field & is a leader in providing savings products for children’s futures, adds Mr White.

We opened more Child Trust Funds in 2006 than any other financial services provider. Parents can contribute up to £1200 a year into a CTF building up a real financial head start for the future. This scheme, with the added incentive of ASDA gift vouchers, encourages people to do just this, concluded Mr White.

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News posted: June 9, 2008

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