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David Davis resignation undermines Brown in brilliant political strategy

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by Brian Turner

The shock resignation of David Davis from the House of Commons is a brilliant political strategy.

By forcing a by-election where the Liberal Democrats have agreed not to stand, Labour faces a rout that will make Crewe and Nantwich look like a picnic.

And, of course, if re-elected – as expected – then David Davis can happily rejoin the Conservative party having caused maximum damage to Gordon Brown.

While FM normally avoids political commentary, it needs pointing out that Gordon Brown’s attempt to bribe the voters of Crewe and Nantwich in May was a cynical mis-use of the Treasury.

If that wasn’t bad enough, it now appears that HM Treasury may be about to lose billions more on revenues after a supposed deal with DUP politicians – simply to ensure their support for an unpopular anti-terror bill.

While No.10 denied the claim, Gordon Brown cleverly avoided answering directly – in politics, effectively an admission of guilt.

While the UK economy is fighting to remain on track, for Gordon Brown to start delegating out billions in funds from the HM Treasury for political expediency is absolutely shocking.

In the meantime, “New Labour” continues to push towards military surveillance of the civilian population, despite the fact the civil service is less competent than Mr Bean at looking after sensitive data.

While David Davis may be about to play a clever political tool against Gordon Brown’s popularity – or lack of – one thing is clear.

That UK politics has become unbalanced, corrupt, and unchecked.

There’s no need for FM to subscribe to any political party, but the growing mismanagement of the UK economy is bordering on criminal.

At this stage, it would seem foolish not to subscribe to political change – of any kind, if it can be for the better.

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Story link: David Davis resignation undermines Brown in brilliant political strategy

News posted: June 12, 2008

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