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Clean driving licence holders benefit when it comes to car insurance

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by Kay Mitchell

A recent study by price comparison site, confused.com, has established that motorists with penalty points can pay up to 60% more for their car insurance than those with a clean licence, paying on average £370 more.

Furthermore, the news is bad for younger motorists, as the research discovered that a 21-year-old female driving a 1.3 Ford Fiesta would see her premiums rise by 92% (up to £895) should she receive six penalty points.

However, the premium would be a whopping 210% increase should she receive nine penalty points.

A recent report from moneysupermarket.com revealed that women get the best deal on car insurance while young male motorists are paying the most expensive premiums.

Moneysupermarket.com said women pay 9% less for their car insurance than their male equivalents, with the average quote for a woman in her 20s being £320 compared to £370 for a man.

Despite this, confused.com has revealed that older female drivers get penalised more than their male equivalents if they receive penalty points.

confused.com’s study established that a 55- year-old woman from Bristol driving a 3.0 BMW M5 would see her premium rise by 81%, compared to 49% for her male counterpart.

Commenting on the findings, Carlton Hood from confused.com, explains that motorists have to pay additional insurance costs as soon as they have received points on their licence.

Insurance companies ask a driver if they have received points in the last 5 years. As a result, a motorist still has to pay a high premium way after the points have expired, concluded Mr Hood.

In the last year, over 3 million driving convictions were recorded, according to confused.com.

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News posted: July 3, 2008

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