Logbookloans.tv launches new loan to tide you over until pay day


The credit crunch has meant that mortgages, credit cards and loans are becoming harder to obtain and consumers‘ finances are being stretched to their limit.

As a result, Logbookloans.tv has launched an instant cash advance service that is easy to use and has been designed so people can receive cash to keep them going until their next wage packet.

The new service has been regulated by Government bodies and is completely safe and easy.

Logbookloans.tv is a newly-established company and provides instant cash loans to households trying to get their finances back on track.

Unexpected costs such as a car repair bill or a washing machine that needs fixing can lead to consumers seriously struggling financially to cover mortgage and bill payments until their next pay packet arrives.

Cash sums from £500 to £50,000 are available and are quickly approved. All it takes is one simple online form and you could be receiving an instant cash injection.

Those interested should visit, www.logbookloans.tv

However, as with all these types of loans, these are best reserved as a product of last resort, as instant cash loan interest rates offered may not be competitive by comparison to high street rates.

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