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Research by price comparison site,, has found that parents of children who are off to university this month can expect to spend large amounts of money on university-related merchandise.

In order to provide all the requirements for their child’s university room, parents can expect to pay over £750 - more than the average UK disposable income.

Expensive items parents may have to buy for their children include Laptops and iPods however, claims by comparing prices and shopping online, hefty savings can be made.

For example, a Samsung R60 Laptop can be obtained for £120 while kitchen utensils such as a fridge and a kettle can be obtained for under £10. A Chianti Sofa Bed is available for £21.

Meanwhile, a LG Electronics 19 LCD TV is a bargain at just over £30 while a Toshiba SD280E DVD Player can be acquired for £12.

James Wenger, Marketing Manager of, explains that kitting out a child’s university room can be costly and mean parents exceed their budgets.

At, we offer our customers the opportunity to shop wisely and avoid having to make sacrifices, concludes Mr Wenger.

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