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Barclaycard to issue contactless debit cards

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by David Masters
Barclaycard to issue contactless debit cards

Barclaycard has reported that most debit cards it issues from March will contain contactless technology as standard.

Contactless cards enable users to pay for shopping under £10 by simply holding the card up to a terminal without taking it out of their wallet.

The payment is debited from their account as it would be for any debit card purchase.

The cards will also feature chip and pin, so that they can be used to withdraw cash and pay for transactions over £10.

Over 8,000 UK retailers already accept contactless payment, including EAT, Coffee Republic, and many independent newsagents.

Mark Parsons, Barclays’s director of current accounts, said that his company was the first to launch debit cards 22 years ago, and it is now the first to launch contactless cards.

He added that contactless cards are quick, secure and convenient.

Over a million Barclays OnePulse contactless credit card have already been issued to UK consumers. The OnePulse contains a contactless card, credit card, and oyster card.

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News posted: January 8, 2009

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