Home wind turbine claims adrift

Home wind turbine claims adrift

Property owners hoping to reduce running costs by erecting a home wind turbine should take a look at the latest research on the subject.

A report by Encraft, the engineering consultant that specialises in low carbon buildings, has revealed that most installations perform well below the levels promised by manufacturers.

The least effective turbines provided just 41 watt-hours a day, which would not run a conventional light bulb for an hour, or even cover the power consumed the turbine’s own electronics.

The year-long study looked at turbines made by five manufacturers in a mixture of rural, suburban and urban sites.

On average the installations surveyed provided enough electricity to light an energy-efficient house but average output only represented 5% to 10% of the manufacturers’ claims, according to Encraft.

The firm’s managing director concedes that turbines are a good investment when installed in the right location but adds that a device placed on the average semi-detached house in a typical area, will be subject to obstructions such as trees and buildings.

The research found that the vast majority of customers had been poorly advised about this presenting the risk that they could give up on the green agenda.

The study was funded by the British Wind Energy Association and the Government.

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