Comparison sites mislead on excess

| January 30, 2009 | 0 Comments
Comparison sites mislead on excess

Consumer advice group Which? has criticised several price comparison websites for failing to provide customers with accurate information.

Which? investigators examined six of the most popular price comparison sites, and found that on some sites, car insurance quotes were given with a different excess to what the customer asked for.

Some websites, including, altered the customer’s chosen excess to return cheaper quotes.

When a customer searched for car insurance in the north of England with a £250 excess, the cheapest result on had a £470 excess.

Meanwhile, failed to display any excesses on their home insurance results page.

Jess Ross, Which? editor, said: “Don’t be fooled into thinking that online comparison sites are a one-stop shop - customers need to search around different sites and keep their wits about them.” has hit back at Which?, saying the consumer group was out of its depth and should stick to reviewing washing machines.

Hayley Parsons, chief executive, said: “We display the total excess because it is the figure the customer would actually have to pay in the event of a claim.

“All the quotes will contain the voluntary excess input by the customer and then any compulsory excess the insurer needs to add to cover that risk.”

She added that if the investigation represents Which?’s level of understanding about comparison sites, then she suggests “they stick to reviewing washing machines in future.”

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