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Recession fuels arguments over money

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by David Masters
Recession fuels arguments over money

Economic recession is causing couples to have more arguments, new research has discovered.

In a poll by online payment service PayPal, 32% of couples said they are arguing more this year than previously, with finances being one of the most fought over issues.

Meanwhile, one in ten (11%) couples have seen the main earner in their relationship change over the last year.

PayPal also found that the proportion of couples using separate bank accounts has increased to 80%, compared to 71% a year ago.

On the positive side, one in five (19%) couples now talk more openly about their finances compared to last year.

Carl Scheible, managing director of PayPal UK, said: “As the recession becomes reality, British couples are facing new challenges within their relationships.

“It’s good to see that difficult times are prompting us to talk about money, as it’s far easier to cope with financial worries when we’re open with each other about them.”

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News posted: February 12, 2009

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