Credit crunched Brits reduce carbon footprint

Credit crunched Brits reduce carbon footprints

Spending cut-backs because of the credit crunch are helping Brits reduce their carbon footprint, new research from internet bank cahoot has revealed.

In a survey by the online arm of Abbey, 72% said they are trying to reduce their energy bills by turning off electrical items such as PCs, DVD players and TVs when not in use.

Sixty percent said they have switched to energy efficient light bulbs, whilst 58% have put on warmer clothes and turned down the heating.

Nearly half (43%) of those surveyed are cutting back on hot water usage by having a shower instead of a bath, whilst one in ten (9%) are sharing bath water with family members.

Matthew Timms of Cahoot said: “The credit crunch has put money saving at the front of everyone’s minds.

“It’s great to see that the simple sacrifices people are making are helping us to live greener as a result.”

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