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Tuesday 11th of January 2011
March 2, 2009    

Mobile phone convicts pay more for car insurance

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by David Masters

Motorists who have been caught using their mobile phone whilst driving pay higher insurance premiums, research by AA Insurance has discovered.

Increased premiums quadruple the cost of being caught, as the average premium increase is around four-times the cost of the standard fine.

Meanwhile, drivers found guilty of dangerous driving whilst using a mobile find it difficult to find any insurance cover.

Despite the crackdown on in-car mobile use, many drivers continue to flout the law, the AA said.

A recent survey by the group found that an average of 100,000 drivers illegally use their mobile phone every second.

Simon Douglas, AA Insurance director, said: “Driving while using a hand-held mobile telephone places you at much greater risk of having an accident and thus making an insurance claim.

“It significantly slows reactions and reduces ability to control the car properly, especially in an emergency.

“Insurance companies rightly take such offences very seriously and in an extreme case, could void a policy.”

Labour peer Lord Ahmed was recently sent to prison for three months following a conviction for texting whilst driving.

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