Britain’s shopping habits changing during recession

Britain's shopping habits changing during recession

The UK is changing its shopping habits as a coping mechanism during the credit crunch, new research has revealed.

A survey by Abbey Credit Cards found that Brits are increasingly searching for bargain deals to make every pound go as far as possible.

More than a third of shoppers now check the price of an item in at least five shops before buying.

Over half (55%) of those polled said they plan to cut back on food spending this year, whilst 41% declared plans to reduce their travel costs.

Almost a third (31%) are going for the ‘shabby chic’ look by spending their Sunday mornings looking for bargains at the local car boot sale, whilst two-fifths now visit charity shops in their hunt for the cheapest deal.

Abbey said: “Britons appear to have lost their traditional reticence when it comes to disputing the price of goods, with four out of ten happy to haggle over the price of a purchase.”

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