Motorists driving less to save fuel

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Motorists driving less to save fuel

Seven in ten UK drivers have changed their motoring habits in a bid to cut the cost of driving.

Research by Saga Motor Insurance found that those who have taken steps to cut costs are saving an average of £17 per week.

The most popular change is driving fewer miles, with 37% of motorists reducing the number of miles they drive each week.

Searching for the best price at the fuel pumps is also a top priority, with over a quarter (28%) of those polled adopting this habit.

Other approaches to cutting costs include taking more care over car maintenance to increase fuel efficiency (15%), and giving the car a wash at home rather than taking it to a valet (17%).

A small minority have adopted shock tactics to cost cutting include car-sharing (6%), buying a more fuel efficient vehicle to save on fuel, insurance, and road tax (4%), and switching off the air conditioning and heating to save fuel (11%).

Andrew Goodsell, Saga Group’s chief executive, said: “It’s a positive thing that people are taking practical steps in order to cut down on motoring costs.

“By adopting simple changes, such as washing cars by hand or checking tyre pressures more regularly, motorists can significantly cut their monthly outgoings.”

The Environmental Transport Association (ETA) welcomes the fact that people are driving less often.

Andrew Davis, ETA director, said: “The biggest single thing to save money and help the environment with regard to our cars is to use them less.”

He added that drivers can also save money on fuel by ‘eco-driving’ - shedding unnecessary weight and clutter from the car, and driving smoothly.

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