Brits find courage to haggle on the high street

| April 29, 2009

Many Brits, conscious of a lighter wallet since the onset of the credit crunch, are choosing to haggle in high street stores.

Nearly three quarters of those polled in a survey said they have started haggling for consumer goods.

One in ten (9%) will always haggle wherever they are making a purchase, whilst the remaining 64% are more reserved, holding back on bartering unless it seems appropriate.

Only 12% of respondents said they are too embarrassed to haggle, whilst 7% would rather go without than drive a hard bargain.

Louise Bond, personal finance manager, said: “The economic slump has created an epidemic of ‘bag a bargain’ consumers, all taking measures to recession-proof their pockets.

“Shoppers across the nation are casting off their inhibitions and haggling for knock-down prices, cashing in on retailers desperation to secure a sale.”

Other money saving measures taken by Brits since the onset of the recession include getting a family member to cut hair (20%), and taking packed lunches to work (51%).

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