Travel agents overcharge for holiday insurance

| May 15, 2009 | 0 Comments
Travel agents overcharge for holiday insurance

Brits taking a well-earned break abroad are paying up to six times the going rate for travel insurance.

Research by price comparison site found that insurance bought in a travel agent can cost nearly 500% more than the best value policy.

For example, the cheapest cover for a single adult spending a week in Europe is £9.17.

Thomas Cook, by comparison, charges £16.99, or 85% more, whilst the most expensive one week European cover available from a high street travel agent is £18.

For a family of four in Europe, the cheapest one week cover is £14.75, compared to the most expensive travel agent price at £54.

Despite the high cost, two in five travel insurance policies were bought from travel agents over the last year.

Steve Williams,’s head of travel insurance, said: “Even if consumers choose to purchase their holiday through a travel agent, they should not feel obligated to take their travel insurance out with them too.

“While holiday insurance is a must-have, it makes little sense to pay through the nose for it, especially when shopping around for a better deal is likely to save consumers money.

“Spending just a little bit of extra time finding the best holiday insurance deal will allow you to properly relax and enjoy your trip.”

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