Holidaymakers spend £73m on unnecessary currency fees

| May 26, 2009
Holidaymakers spend £73m on unnecessary currency fees

Brits taking their summer holiday abroad this year will spend £73 million on debit and credit card fees, it emerged this week.

Research by Abbey Credit Cards found that British holidaymakers pay an average of 3% in conversion fees every time they use an overseas ATM or spend money on their card in a foreign shop.

Seven in ten (69%) of those polled by Abbey said they will be taking a card on their overseas holiday, and nearly 60% said they plan to use their credit or debit card for holiday purchases - despite the fact that money the could save money by converting cash or buying a pre-paid currency card before they travel.

With the typical British tourist budgeting £274 per week for holiday spending money, Abbey estimates that £73 million will be spent on debit and credit card fees this summer.

Callum Gibson, Abbey’s head of credit cards, said the money that will be spent on fees is a “staggering and unnecessary” waste, especially during a time of economic recession.

Abbey recently launched its Zero credit card, offering fee free foreign currency exchange.

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