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Brits think cars make wheelie-good cupboards

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by David Masters

Many UK drivers treat their cars as cupboards-on-wheels, using them to store valuable goods including sat navs, books, glasses and sports equipment.

Around 7 million motorists store items worth more than £200 in their vehicle, with 2.8 million of these storing items worth more than £400, recent research discovered.

Youngsters and Londoners cite lack of storage space in their homes as the reason for keeping things in the car boot, with 19% of 25-34 year olds and nearly a third (29%) of capital dwellers in this predicament.

However, the most common reason cited for leaving items in the car was forgetfulness, with almost three in four (72%) drivers claiming temporary amnesia as their excuse.

Confused.com, who conducted the study, warned that drivers should check whether the items they’re keeping in the car are covered by their insurance policy.

Will Thomas, Confused.com’s head of motor insurance, said: “If it is necessary to store personal possessions in cars, it is important that all precautions are taken to make sure that theft is prevented, not least locking the car and storing items out of sight – failure to do so could invalidate any insurance claim.”

He added that with a car being broken into every 13 seconds in the UK, “leaving any item in a car will increase the chances of theft.”

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News posted: June 2, 2009

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