US unemployment rate up to 9.4% but job losses ease

| June 5, 2009 | 2 Comments
US unemployment rate up to 9.4% but job losses ease

Figures released today from the US Labor Department show that the US economy shed 345,000 jobs in May, taking the unemployment rate up to a 25-year high of 9.4%.

However, the number of jobs lost were far fewer than expected and follow the 539,000 jobs lost in the previous month.

Service sector industries axed 120,000 jobs in May, while a further 156,000 jobs were lost in manufacturing and 59,000 jobs were lost in construction industries.

Since the onset of the recession at the end of 2007, the US economy has lost six million jobs.

However, today’s information is a comfort to many economists who believe that the US economy is over the worst but many still believe the unemployment rate could reach 10% by the end of the year.

Kurt Karl, the chief US economist at Swiss Re in New York, described the figures as “good news” and said : “At some point, we had to start moving to the 300,000 range; after all, we already laid off an incredible amount of people.”

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