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Free credit card advice for travellers

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by David Masters
Free credit card advice for travellers

A new guide published this week advises credit card holders on using their card overseas.

According to UK Cards Association APACS, over 3% of credit card payments by Brits are made overseas.

The APACS guide provides advice for holidaymakers and business travellers on the best places to withdraw cash abroad and on keeping card details safe from potential fraudsters.

Advice for travellers includes being aware of overseas withdrawal fees, checking that the limit on their card is sufficient for their intended spending, and making sure their credit card company has up-to-date contact details for them, especially a mobile number.

Sandra Quinn of APACS said: “Everyone should be aware that there may be fees or costs connected with using your card in a foreign cash machine or shop.

“Additionally, card criminals often look to catch us with our defences down when we are on holiday, so we need to take some simple, sensible precautions to help minimise the chances of becoming a victim of fraud.”

The Using Your Card Overseas Guide is available for free download from the UK Cards Association website.

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News posted: June 8, 2009

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