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Santander rebrands Abbey credit cards

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by David Masters
Santander rebrands Abbey credit cards

Abbey credit cards will be rebranded under the name of Santander, Abbey’s parent company, from next week.

The rebrand follows last month’s announcement that the UK’s three Santander-owned banks, Abbey, Bradford & Bingley, and Alliance & Leicester, will next year merge into a single bank and adopt the Santander global brand and name.

All new and replacement credit cards issued by Abbey from 15 June will carry the Santander name and brand.

The Abbey Zero will be renamed the Santander Zero, whilst the Abbey Credit Card will be called the Santander Credit Card.

Terms and conditions on all Abbey’s credit cards remain the same, and Abbey has written to its customers to update them on the change.

Roger Lovering, Santander Cards managing director, said the firm is “delighted” by the rebrand of Abbey’s credit cards.

“Operating as part of Santander, we will be able to leverage a global brand that represents strength and financial security to customers in today’s difficult economic environment,” Lovering added.

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News posted: June 12, 2009

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