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Motorists beware of ‘ghost car’ fraudsters

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by David Masters
Motorists beware of 'ghost car' fraudsters

Motorists looking for a second-hand bargain should beware of conmen selling ‘ghost cars’.

Criminal gangs are using well-known motoring websites to tempt unwitting members of the public into parting with their cash for cars that don’t exist, Carcraft warned this week.

After they enquire about a vehicle, buyers are redirected to a different website and told to put down payment whilst the car is shipped to them.

However, the buyers are usually left empty-handed while the fraudsters who set up the fake money-holding site escape with the cash.

Julia Phipps, Group Marketing Director at car retailer Carcraft said: “If it’s a deal that seems too good to be true then unfortunately it probably is.

“Alarm bells should also start ringing if the ad is littered with spelling mistakes or the phone number shown only offers a recorded answer machine.

“If you can’t shake the hand of the person you’re buying from or inspect the car before you part with the asking price, then our advice is think twice.”

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News posted: June 18, 2009

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