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Wii Fit preferred to gym during recession

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by David Masters

Women are increasingly choosing to exercise at home to save money on expensive gym membership, new research from Sheila’s Wheels has discovered.

Computer consoles such as Nintendo’s Wii Fit – costing around £200 – are now seen as cheaper and more convenient than a trip to the gym, which costs an average of £800 per year in membership fees.

Nearly half (43%) of women have a Wii Fit in their home, compared to 28% with gym membership.

However, Sheila’s Wheels warned that exercising at home could prove more expensive than expected, with the number of home accidents caused by exercise sky-rocketing 700% in the last year.

One fifth of women have caused accidental damage while exercising the past 12 months, with the average accident costing £55 to repair.

A total of £1.3 billion has been spent repairing the damage.

“Sheila’s Wheels urges women to make sure that they have adequate cover against accidental damage in their home before embarking on any indoor fitness regimes,” said Jacky Brown, Sheila’s Wheels spokesperson.

Going for a walk is the most popular form of exercise, with nearly two thirds of women polled by Sheila’s Wheels citing walking as their favourite way to burn off calories.

One third of women prefer swimming, whilst 22% use a Wii Fit, and 17% go cycling.

Fewer than one in five (17%) said a trip to the gym is their preferred exercise regime.

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News posted: June 19, 2009

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