Groupama appoints fraud-buster team

| July 6, 2009 | 0 Comments

Groupama plans to catch out motor insurance fraudsters using psychological trickery by bolstering its anti-fraud department with a cognitive interviewing team.

Claims believed to be fraudulent will be put through a cognitive interviewing process under which claimants will be asked a specific set of questions that help determine whether or not their claim is genuine.

According to Groupama, people submitting opportunistic fraudulent claims will often reconsider or withdraw a claim if they are subjected to detailed questioning.

Cognitive interviews can also help to catch out practiced fraudsters, Groupama added.

“In recent years [cognitive interviewing has] been used successfully in helping the insurance industry identify fraudulent claims,” said Stephen Teeling, Groupama’s counter fraud manager.

“It is a highly skilled process that draws on a range of factors including tone and speed of voice to help determine the likelihood of the claim being dishonest or exaggerated.

“Whilst the prime objective is to quickly identify claims that could be fraudulent and discouraging the claimant to take the claim further, it can also help to enhance service levels as it can speed up the handling of genuine claims whilst at the same time tackling those where there may be evidence of fraud.”


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