Ryanair proposes ‘vertical seating’


Budget airline Ryanair aims to slash costs and boost profits by asking passengers to stand during flights.

Chief executive, Michael O’Leary, has already spoken with US plane manufacturer Boeing about the possibility of designing an aircraft with standing room.

Should the proposal gain approval, Ryanair plans to order new jets or refurbish its existing fleet.

According to spokesperson Stephen McNamara: “It would be vertical seating more akin to a stool and the person would still be strapped in. The seating would completely adhere to safety procedures.”

Mr O’Leary is constantly looking at ways to cut costs and sparked outrage when he suggested introduced a “fat tax” for overweight passengers.

The chief executive of Europe’s largest no-frills airline, known for his controversial comments, also announced earlier this year that he is considering charging passengers to use the toilet on board.

Mr O’Leary described it as “having to spend a pound to spend a penny”.

In related news today, more than 2,000 British Airways (BA) cabin crew have rejected the company’s proposals to slash costs by freezing pay and reducing headcount.

BA admitted recently that the airline was fighting for its survival but the airline is not alone. Many airlines continue to experience a slump in demand with many forced out of business last year as the economic downturn means fewer people are travelling by air.

In particular, as companies cut back, the lucrative business and first class services have suffered affecting profits.

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  1. Sriram V says:

    I have never travelled by Ryanair, and I seriously never wish to travel by it. I have no objections against no-frills service, but certain basic amenities must necessarily be provided. Making passengers stand is not an option, because it compromises on the basic level of comfort, which is necessary. Also, having to pay in order to make use of the toilet is outrageous. What will a passenger do if he falls ill during the trip? There MUST be a limit to how many services can be cut by an airline.

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