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BT lifts rewards limit on credit card

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by David Masters
BT lifts rewards limit on credit card

BT customers can now save an unlimited amount of money on their broadband and telephone bills by spending money on their BT credit card.

BT will deduct one pence from a customer’s monthly phone bill for every £1.50 spent on their credit card, the telecoms operator said this week.

Customers spending £1,000 per month on the card will save £80 a year off their telecoms bill.

Previously, the maximum amount BT customers could save using the credit card was capped at £75 per year.

BT also announced this week that new credit card customers will receive a 0% interest rate on balance transfers for 13 months, and on purchases for three months.

John Petter, BT Retail spokesperson, said: “We think this combination of benefits means that the BT Credit Card can’t be beaten for all-round value.”

BT is currently offering its staff up to 12 months off work in exchange for a 75% pay cut.

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News posted: July 8, 2009

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