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Social isolation may deepen with recession

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by David Masters

People in the UK are visiting friends and family less frequently because of the recession.

One in four Brits are socialising less since the credit crunch because they’ve curbed their spending habits, a poll by Turn2us has discovered.

A similar number, 28%, believe they will be financially worse off by the end of the year.

Turn2us fears the downturn in socialising could lead to an increase in social isolation.

As people socialise less, they could become increasingly reluctant to speak out about any money problems they’re going through, Turn2us said.

“Unless people do start talking about their situations and facing up to it, it’s going to spiral more out of control,” said spokesperson Rob Tolan.

“The more it’s talked about, and the sooner these issues are discussed openly, the sooner people are in the position where they can get help.”

Turn2us provides a free, accessible website to help people find the financial support and welfare benefits they’re entitled to.

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News posted: July 17, 2009

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