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24th of August 2010
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July 31, 2009    

Sheila’s Wheels issues Wasp Week warning

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by David Masters
Sheila's Wheels issues Wasp Week warning

Stinging wasps are more likely to invade your home this week than at any other time of the year.

Wasp Week, the final week of July, is the time when the creatures are most prevalent in the UK.

To coincide with Wasp Week, Sheila’s Wheels conducted a poll asking homeowers how they’d react to a wasp or hornet’s nest on their property.

One third said they’d attempt to tackle the nest themselves.

However, Sheila’s Wheels warned that DIY nest removals are “dangerous”.

“DIY nest removal should never be attempted by the untrained”, said Jacky Brown, Sheila’s Wheels spokeswoman.

“Some nests house colonies of hundreds of stinging insects.”

A number of insurers - including Sheila’s Wheels - offer pest removal cover as an added extra on home insurance policies.

Sheila’s Wheels cover costs £1.65 per month, with a guaranteed speedy response and 24-hour helpline.

“Sheila’s Wheels pest cover offers peace of mind to homeowners that they can receive a fast, professional and reliable pest control service at a low cost”, Brown said.

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