Barclays Wealth extends Regular Income Bond


Barclays Wealth has relaunched its Regular Income Bond with an increased term of six years.

The bond, which is linked to the FTSE 100, was previously offered on a five-year term.

Returns on the bond are fixed at 7% annually, or 0.57% per month, irrespective of index performance.

A capital guarantee is also included, provided the FTSE 100 index does not fall to lower than 50% of the starting level at any point until maturity.

If such a steep drop occurs, capital is reduced 1:1 in line with the index.

a�?The Regular Income Bond is designed for those who are prepared to accept a risk to their capital in return for a rate of return 6.5 per cent above the current base rate,a�? said Lisa Chaudhuri, Barclays Wealth manager.

a�?We think this presents a compelling alternative to some of the more traditional methods of gaining regular income which are not meeting the needs of investors presently.a�?

A poll by Barclays Wealth earlier this month found 61% of investors are confident that stock markets are improving and will continue to do so.

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