Barclaycard overhauls online service

| September 1, 2009

Barclaycard has updated its online account management service.

The website has been redesigned to give customers more control over their Barclaycard accounts.

Updates include giving customers the choice as to how they view their account information and spending, and simplified log-in, balance transfers and transaction disputes.

Customers can choose to view their spending in categories, such as Leisure, Health, Entertainment and Groceries.

Pie charts and bar graphs offer easy-to-understand overviews of spending.

“mybarclaycard is set to be the UK’s leading online account servicing website. It will make our customers’ lives a little easier by providing them with the control to track and manage their spending with Barclaycard,” said Amer Sajed, Barclaycard UK chief executive.

More than 20,000 Barclaycard customers were asked for their views on the site overhaul.

“I’m delighted by the feedback we’ve already received from the thousands of customers who have helped us develop this new site and I’m convinced that all our customers will find the new website helpful and useful,” Sajed added.


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