Repossessions advice website a “positive step”

| September 6, 2009 | 1 Comment
Repossessions advice website a

A new government website launched to help people facing repossession was welcomed this week by an industry expert.

Chris Jenkins, co-owner of the Homeowner’s Advice Centre, said the new site is a “positive step”.

The “easily accessible format” of the site helps people find the advice they need with minimum effort, he added.

The website is designed to be used in conjunction with professional debt advice from a financial adviser.

However, Jenkins believes more must be done to make repossession advice accessible to those who need it most.

“Along with the government’s own initiatives, local councils, debt charities and mortgage lenders themselves are able to offer advice,” he said.

Homeowners facing financial difficulties should face up to the problem rather than hiding away from it, especially if they fear having their home repossessed, Jenkins concluded.

Figures from the Council of Mortgage Lenders show repossessions in the second quarter of this year dropped to 11,400, down from 12,700 in the first quarter.

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  1. Judith Moore says:

    The problem is finding this site, most people type the phrase “government scheme to help with my debts” and this does not bring up the site.

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