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Brits back property as best investment

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by David Masters
Brits back property as best investment

Nearly half of UK consumers believe that buying property is the best way to invest money.

In a study by Scottish Widows, 48% of those polled said investing in property is the best way to maximise returns on hard earned cash.

This figure is a significant increase on 12 months ago, when just 28% of those surveyed cited property as the best choice of investment.

Commenting on the results, Jason Butler of Bloomsbury Financial Planning said investors should avoid “backing one horse”, adding that there is no such thing as a “best investment”.

He acknowledged that many investors “want to invest in [property] over and above other investments”.

However, he warned that investors looking to build their property portfolio should proceed with caution because the property market fluctuates depending on the borrowing options available.

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News posted: September 17, 2009

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