Recession knocks £1.3bn off charity donations

| September 24, 2009 | 1 Comment

The amount donated to charities by UK consumers has dropped 11% in the last year, with fewer people giving smaller donations.

Brits gave a total of £9.9 billion to charities in 2008/09, according to figures from the Charities Aid Foundation (CAF) and the National Council for Voluntary Organisations (NCVO).

This is £1.3 billion less than the amount donated in 2007/08.

According to the CAF, an estimated 774,000 fewer people are giving to charity.

The average person giving to charity donated £10 per month, £1 per month less than during the previous year.

The CAF said the recession has reduced charity funding while increasing demand for services.

“Even though there are welcome signs the recession is technically ending, the economic downturn is still severely impacting charities, many of whom have had to cut jobs while facing increased demand for their services,” said John Low, CAF chief executive.

Charities are missing out on hundreds of millions of pounds of potential funding, the CAF said, because donors are failing to Gift Aid their donations.

Charities could raise an extra £750 million per year if all eligible donors gave money using Gift Aid.

“Too few [donors] know that by ticking the Gift Aid box, or asking their employer if they can give through their payroll, they could boost their donation at no extra cost,” Low said.

Gift Aid allows charities to reclaim tax on donations, meaning that they receive an extra £28 for every £100 Gift Aid donation.

“If all taxpayers tick the gift aid box, or give through give-as-you-earn it would go a long way to make up the shortfall in funding without costing them a penny more,” Low concluded.

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  1. Dr David Hill says:

    Like everthing else these days in Britain.

    But added to this, HSBC’s chief executive’s permanent move to China should show to any person now with any intelligence at all, that the UK’s financial services are increasingly in terminal decline. Indeed according to leading economists, the City of London contributed enormously to the collapse in the people’s personal wealth through the financial meltdown and where 40% of all global assets of the people were destroyed. For nearly 15-years now our web-based ‘scientific discovery’ newsletter ( has been outlining the great threat of China to the economy of the UK. Therefore if people would not listen then, they certainly should now and where politicians should stop investing in the financial sector immediately and start to invest in a new economic base for Britain. For this new economic base resides as we have also said, in the British people’s innovative thinking, the best in the world according to authoritive reports by the government of Japan in the 1980s and Germany in the 1990s. Indeed, this is the only strategy that will prevent the UK from unparalleled economic decline in the 21st century. For continuously we have told succeeding governments over the past two decades what they have to do and where this is soundly based in high-technology. Indeed in this respect, Britain has the most creative minds in the world, commanding up to 55% of all the thinking that has made the modern world what it is today according to both Japan and Germany. Therefore we have to STOP investing in our declining international banking industry and start a ‘New Britain’ based predominantly upon it’s greatest competitive advantage, the creativity and innovative thinking of the British people. But where unfortunately it also has to be said like all else, politicians are always the last to realise this and where they always invest in things that cost wealth and jobs in the long-term through keeping on with persistent strategies that continually consume wealth and not provide. Time has now come therefore for great strategic and economic change, for if not, the people of the UK will witness an incomparable decline in both living standards, wealth and the nation’s standing in the world-at-large. The threat of China cannot be stressed more and where basically it cannot be ignored any longer by our government who are ultimately charged to look after our long-term social and economic wellbeing! That definitely is not being undertaken presently and with their still predominant interest in our financial sector, will further add nails to the coffin of UK PLC over the next 10-years.

    Dr David Hill
    World Innovation Foundation
    Bern, Switzerland

    UK Contact Deatils
    P O Box A60, Huddersfield, HD1 1XJ
    Tel: 0044 (0)1484 537181

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