Credit crunched Brits choose cosy nights in

Credit crunched Brits choose cosy nights in

One in three Brits are saving money by going out less often and socialising at home.

In a poll by Friends Provident, 35% of respondents said they have been going out less frequently since the recession began.

One in five (22%) have become ‘social-nesters’, bringing their nights out into their own living room.

A third (34%) of those polled said they are going to the pub less often, while nearly a quarter (22%) are spending less on entertainment.

Socialising in cyberspace is growing in popularity, with Brits turning to social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and MySpace to stay in touch with friends.

“It is encouraging to see that consumers are reining in their spending habits and saving money where possible in the current climate,” said Martin Palmer, Friends Provident spokesperson.

“Clearly shunning our social lives completely isn’t an option and not even the global credit crunch can prompt that.

“However, it’s interesting to see how it has led to a shift in social interaction, especially with regard to people embracing the newer technologies.”

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