Which? opposes abolition of cheques

Which? opposes abolition of cheques

Plans by the banks to phase out cheque books could prove disastrous for the Brits who rely on cheques to make day-to-day payments, consumer rights group Which? has claimed.

“The fact is a lot of people still rely on cheques, especially people who are housebound or for some people it’s the only way they feel comfortable paying tradesmen, sometimes the only way they can pay tradesmen,” said James Daley, Which? money editor.

Research by Which? found 92% of Brits have written a cheque in the last 12 months. Among over-65s, this figure rises to 96%.

Banks need to develop adequate alternatives to cheques before phasing them out, Daley claimed.

Recent reports suggest that the Payments Council, made up of representatives from the financial services sector, could next month vote to eliminate cheques from circulation by 2018.

Which? said it is opposed to these plans.

“We’re certainly not in support of the withdrawal of cheques at the moment,” Daley said.

“Until we’ve seen some cheap safe alternatives put in place, then we certainly wouldn’t want to see the abolition of cheques.”

The cheque guarantee card scheme will close from 30 June 2010, making it impossible to guarantee cheque payments after this date.

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  1. Brian Bartlett says:

    I strongly agree that the withdrawal of cheques is a retrograde step. There are many payment processes where cheques are still appropriate, such as the payment of tradesmen, the making of gifts to relatives, the settling of accounts between small businesses. I am also not convinced by the view of a SAGA editorial writer, who considers that a majority of older people are not troubled by the withdrawal of cheques.
    It is somewhat alarming that the Cheque Guarantee scheme is to be terminated this year.

  2. Pat Morris says:

    The banks seems hell bent on scoring zero points in customer service.
    My weekly organic box is delivered to my back garden where I leave the cheque payment. It appears that cash must be left instead (ha ha) or my patronage of this small company must cease.